Stained Glass Art - St. John's Windows

The stained glass windows in the nave and chancel of the church were designed by Richard Caemmerer, Jr. He said, "Stained glass is supposed to be light in color primarily. If we can derive some additional meaning that's all to the good, but if this additional meaning detracts from the beauty of light and color, then it is not good. For this reason I have tried very hard to make certain that the meaning is imbedded into the window, rather than pasted onto the top. This, of course, results in considerable abstraction which may be difficult to warm up to. By and large, however, I believe that the abstraction will allow new things, new visions, to be seen each time that one looks at the window." There are ten windows run along either side of the nave. There is also a large triumphal arch motif over the chancel. The two sides of the nave and the window in the arch form one idea: our life as children of God. As you face the chancel, the windows on the left refer primarily to the Hebrew Scriptures and the windows on the right to the Christian Scriptures. The arch refers to Christ, the dividing line between the old and the new. Please visit St. John's on a sunny day and get up close and personal with our windows!